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Motor renewal

renewing your car insurance online is a simple, easy, and convenient process. You can renew your car insurance policy within minutes

Get Home Assistance Policy

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The Company undertake to provide an Emergency Repair Service to secure the dwelling and prevent further damage or loss occurring. It does not undertake to carry out full repairs, all repair works are subject to the limitations of cover and to the following definitions, conditions and exclusions as described herein. This policy is not a replacement for a Home Insurance Policy and is not a maintenance contract for the domestic dwelling.

The cost of the call-out, labor and materials which are necessary for the Emergency Repair (Plumbing, Electrical, Locksmith, Glass Work) will be borne by the Company, up to a maximum of JOD 100 for each emergency, with a maximum of three emergencies in any one year (JOD 300/= per year), independently from the kind of emergency, whether plumbing, electrical, locksmith or Glasswork emergency repair service.